Our Specialty Classes

At Landes Emergency Training Services

We believe that everyone should be properly trained in CPR, including:

  • Construction workers
  • Health-care providers
  • Hotel and restaurant staff
  • Lifeguards
  • Manufacturers
  • Teachers
  • Baby Sitters
  • Students

Specialty Menu

Hands on Fire Extinguisher Training

$ 60 Monthly
  • $300 group up to 5
  • $600 group up to 15
  • Live fire hands-on training
  • 2-year Certification

OSHA Requirement for Extinguisher Training

OSHA 1910.157(g)(1) states that “Where the employer has provided portable fire extinguishers for employee use in the workplace, the employer shall also provide an educational program to familiarize employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards involved with incipient stage fire-fighting.”

The standard goes on to explain in paragraph (g)(2) that the “education” required in paragraph (g)(1) “must be provided to employees upon initial employment and at least annually thereafter.”

We will come to your work site and ensure you and your team are covered with our live fire hands-on class. Students will learn proper fire hazard awareness and emergency preparedness. Using different types of extinguishers, each student will put out a real fire in a safe, controlled simulation.

AVERT teaches active shooter response and emergency stop the bleed skills once reserved for first responders, but now adapted for the general public.

Utilizing our direct experience in the trenches of emergency prevention and management, we provide informative training so that your company or organization can properly be trained in active violence.


After an AVERT training session, you and your team will be able to:

Recognize warning signs using situational awareness

Decide whether to evade, escape or attack

Apply critical bleeding control techniques

Respond quickly and confidently in an emergency

Develop an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)


  • Instructor-led courses: 100% in a classroom, with an AHA Instructor
  • Blended learning courses: includes an online portion + an in-person skills session with an AHA Instructor

If you have selected a blended learning course, the cognitive (online) portion will be completed at eLearning.Heart.org.

You will be assigned a course from L.E.T.S. Training Center.

You will also need to complete a hands-on skills session to complete the course.

You received your card via email from your Training Center and already claimed it.

Before reaching out to your Training Center to request a new card, try to run a few searches in your email inbox to ensure you didn’t overlook the email with the link to access your eCard.

  • Search and make sure you don’t have any emails from: [email protected] or [email protected]

  • It’s possible that the email would have come directly from the Training Center’s email. Run a search with the name of their organization.

If you know you have already claimed your card from your Training Center, view your claimed eCard.

  • BLS 2020 Instructor Essentials online

  • Free Monitoring session

  • Detailed instructions on the Instructor Network and how to navigate and issue E-Cards.

  • If aligning with Landes Emergency Training Services, you will have access to Enrollware to enter your rosters digitally and up-to-date digital roster storage, and easy online ordering of E-cards and AHA supplies.

  • You also will receive guidance with course-related questions.